Friday, July 11, 2008

Deep within my soul.............

Thats the title of this not so little piece of wearable art. I may be modeling it tomorrow at Renegade, although it will be for sale.
I've got all my schtuff packed up, and ready to go. Still haven't figured out what to wear-typical. I like to dress up, but its not easy to lug stuff around and set up in a dress and heels and I'm not really a jeans/tshirt kinda gal. I really need to sit my behind down and sew a few day dresses ASAP.
Its going to be a very long day tomorrow-setup starts at 9 and it doesn't close until 7, same for Sunday. I don't know how people do these things all the time. They must have an iron constitution to create/pack/unpack/sell/pack, repeat repeat repeat. I don't think I could do it, and I have a new found respect for professional artists/crafters who do the show circuit. And I love the social aspect of it, but really need someone to just do the wrapping, credit card processing and cash handling for me.
So, its 8ish now and I'm about to crawl into bed with my book and tea and completely relax. I hope I remembered everything, but if not I'll deal. As long as I remember to take my cellphone and thermos of tea, I'll be fine.


CatHerder said...

thats so cute! Have a great time at Renegade!!

Everything Works said...

What an awesome piece. If I was at Renegade, I would be buying that, hands down.