Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mail love!

Yesterday I got this book in the mail. Thank you Terry! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}
I had to set it aside until bedtime when I could sit and devour it un interrupted. Look at the cover, I could not WAIT to say "off to bed now!" and jump in there with my cuppa and this book.

WOW-its SOOOO beautiful!!!! Every book is different but all so gorgeous. I love reading how each artist came about doing their particular piece of art. Now I want to start doing altered books again, but better. If you are a paper/collage artist or book maker-get this book, its beautiful. Also my girl Jane has a book in it, so how can you NOT love it!!

I made another mold yesterday with OOMA silicone and got air bubbles AGAIN. BLEH! Now I remember why I stopped using it. Look at that giant bubble in this figures head. so depressing.
Going over to the resin store tomorrow for better stuff. I am SO lucky to live around the block from Douglas & Sturgess sculpture supply store. They have everything. They are super nice in there and they are really helpful.
tonight I'm listing stuff on etsy. I am so bad right now about listing/destashing and I really really need to do it. On a positive note-I found a place to board Bettie when we go on our trip! A wonderful woman who also fosters rescue dogs so she KNOWS the workings of a chihuahua mind. And she's not afraid of it LOL. I feel SOOOO relieved and such a load is taken off my mind.

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lisavollrath said...

OK, I just ordered the storybook book---it sounds like something I need!