Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Pretties

I took a wee bit of time off and have been working slower this week, but still working. I took about 300+ pics this week and am working on editing them down. I updated the website with 12 new pretties including these Paris at Night earrings, and put some things in Etsy. I also did some relists over there too. I am thinking about opening another shop for just the destash/supplies and keeping the main one for jewelry one off's, sales, etc....I will think about that later.

I did a book review about Katie Hacker's "Hip to Bead" over on Craft Gossip. I'll be giving a way a copy of the book too, and will post details next week.

I also opened a Facebook account for my business. I didn't know they had that option available, but since its another way to market yourself-I figured why not?

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