Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photographing your jewely-Smile for the Camera!

This week my goal is to take some photos that I can use for applying to juried shows and galleries. These venue have restrictions about using a neutral background and set up. For my website or etsy photos, I often use some kind of paper as a background because I personally find a stark white or black background to be jarring. But, I need the kind of photos they require so that is what I am doing this week. The photo above has a bad shadow, but I got some BIG lights so I won't have that problem anymore.

Yesterday and today is gettting to know the camera better days. I have a Canon Rebel, so its a good camera, its just a bad operator. Everything I did yesterday was too blury. I have the ISO right but the Fstop all wrong. I don't really know what these mean, but I need to get a better grip on them. I found some great mini video tutorials on photographing jewelry like the pros over at Expert Village. And I found an online photo class at that I am going to check out. Wish me luck!

Also, I created a Facebook Page for my miscellaneous art, fiber, yarn and jewelry work. If you are on Facebook, please add me if you like.

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