Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random Acts of Appreciation

Today I was out walking Bettie and a car slowed and pulled to the curb. I figured they were either looking for directions or stop to say how cute the little dog is.
The window rolls down and I lean over to look in. A pretty woman leaned to the passenger side and said “You look absolutely gorgeous, I just had to stop and tell you”.

WOW! I was not expecting that! I thanked her for being so nice and she said hi to Bettie than drove away. How terribly sweet was that of her! How many people pull over or stop to compliment someone just because? Not enough I tell you, it totally made my day.

We could all stop for a minute and tell someone you appreciate them. So, heres a little list and you all are on it!

I APPRECIATE (& love!) my friends who can be 110% honest with me, and tell me things I may not want to hear but need to.

I am so in awe of and inspired by my new Bead Blogging Friends. These women are uber talented, supportive and truly wonderful people. Thank you Ladies!

I am so proud of all my friends who have gotten book deals, modeling gigs, new jobs, teaching gigs, etc.... You truly deserve it, because you rock!

A big THANK you to everyone who reads this blog, you all obviously have outstanding taste!!!

I'm about to fall off my pedastal, but you all ROCK! now go spread that good feeling and tell someone else how much they rock!


TONYA said...

awww, that is so nice. I've quite often thought the same thing when I've seen women out walking, but never had the guts to stop and say anything. I think I just might have to. Never know who's day I might make a little brighter.

Now could you have not shared just one itty bitty pic of yourself with us ;)

Carter said...

What a nice thing! I bet that made your day. And what a beautiful thing to pay it forward!