Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The weekend in review

What started off as a REALLY rocky show and weekend, turned out to be really fun and inspiring.

Not wanting to bore you all with the details of negativity I'll give you the Cliffs notes version: It started with an anxiety/panic attack before we left. Get to venue & the hardware for my displays was no where to be found. I had a fit worthy of being inducted into the Bridezilla hall of fame. Get thru that, then knelt down to get something and wrenched my knee. Rang up my first customer & it took 25 mins or so for me to notice the imprint on the CC slip didn't show up. Looked for her, but she was long gone/lost in the crowd so she got an very expensive skein of yarn for free. At that point I just started crying, which is SO unlike me.

Eventually, the energy of the crowd lifted me out of my mire and an hour later I was ok, 2 hours later I was my typical social butterfly self. I had one of those little camp chairs and it was too low for me to keep getting up and down with the knee so I ended up standing the majority of the day. I never got to walk around any of the weekend, which sucks but I did meet alot of people and had a load of people come by to visit.

Lets see, in no particular order: I got to meet Terry Taylor. I'm a HUGE fan of his and I just gushed all over him. He has such a sweet demeanor that I wanted to hug him continuously, but he might have been afraid of me if I had. I finally got to meet Ms. Kerry Kate and she's gorgeous! Also, Michaela Murphy from Craftstylish.com, such a nice energy and looked amazing both days all day long. Lets see who else-Ms. Carter stopped by, and it was so wonderful to see her. Leslie brought us some AMAZING choc pastries that I swear were little bits of heaven. Got to hug Lisa and her puppy. Twinkie Chan & her boyfriend stopped by for a bit to chat. Got to meet Diana Fayt finally too, thanks Natasha! KhaosCat and Khaoskitty were there too. Lynn swung by quickly before she had to man her post at the Etsy table, Wrenay was vending too but managed to sneak over and say hello. Chel, & Julee both drove down from Pleasanton to visit. I got to chat with Queen Puff Puff and Mr. Vince -that was great! Oh I know I'm forgetting a ton of people and its nothing personal-its my muddled brain!

I must mention Kate from Charm Foundry, came by with her gorgeous family to bring me my Vessel. She is a LOVELY artist, and I am so in love with her artwork and these ceramic pieces. The presentation on these are exquisite. Look at these pics-

Isn't is precious! Read the full description on her Etsy shop. I am keeping mine to admire for now, but her future purpose is to hold some of Nef's ashes when she dies. You can use them for wishes, treasures, etc...Kate does some amazing collage encaustics too you must see.
So all in all the show was really good, and busier on Sunday than Saturday. The Punk Rock Marching band was really good, even if they stopped sales for nearly an hour. It was good entertainment. If I did it again, I'd do a few things differently so I could enjoy the vendors too.


Jessica said...

I love how we were at the same table and mention completely different people visiting! So many people came by to visit that it's easy to miss some of them!

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

i know! i didn't see Christina at our booth....dang!