Thursday, July 03, 2008

whats new pussycat?

Hello Blogland! I haven't blogged much lately, thats partly due to wild crafting for Renegade. But mostly because the parasitic twin (aka the gallbladder area) has been acting up again and I've been sick most of the last 2+weeks. Not good when I have a huge show to get ready for next weekend.

But I don't believe in complaining, so I won't-just stating thats why I haven't been on here or commenting elsewhere as much as I'd like.

If you are in or planning to be in the San Francisco Bay Area next week, please stop by the 1st Annual Renegade Craft Fair SAN FRANCISCO!

This year's event will be held Saturday and Sunday July 12 + 13 from 11am - 7pm at Fort Mason's Festival Pavilion. I'll be in booth 125, with LOTS of new stuff! Please come say hello!


CatHerder said...

sounds like tons of fun...hope you do well....i just posted some stuff on my gato trying to bulk up for the fall craft fairs..theyre big here.

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

I'll let you know! Did you get your stuff into that "special" Salem store yet???