Thursday, August 07, 2008

Art from the Past

Do you ever look back at things you made, and feel the urge to make it again?

I am pulling out some stuff to work on an art doll, and I haven't made dolls in a couple years. I have been so focused on fiber and yarn I put everything else to the side. I think its time I make a few more again.

Thelma (pictured above) is one of the Primitive Preemies I made about 5 yrs ago??? Bernie loves them, and keeps telling me to teach a class on them. They were fun to make-very spontaneous. Not big sellers, but great gifts.

Cosmos (above) was one of my first "art dolls". I started with small beaded dolls. I made her and about 45 other goddesses, way back in 2001. She was completed in one day-13 hours long. Why? because I was curious exactly how long it took me to make one.

The Skillful One is one of the last dolls I did. She's an altered Barbie doll. I love them, and just haven't made anymore. I really need to take a GOOD pic of now that I have real lighting.
I try to keep pics of everything I make so I can look back and see how I've grown or what I'd like to redo. I can't keep every THING, so photos have to suffice.


Carter said...

I love looking back at old work that I've done and being re-inspired. I think that's the beauty of being an artist; that you can always find inspiration, even from something that you thought to be complete at a previous time.

Looking forward to seeing what you do this time around with dolls!

CatHerder said...

Funny you mention trying to go through all my digital pics and organize them, and came across a pic of the Mr. T. sock monkey i made for my brothers girlfriend (she is friends with Mr. t)....everyone got a good chuckle out of it, and it was the first doll i ever made, and i think the BEST. Id like to try my hand at making some love your pics, i love the altered Barbie!