Friday, August 29, 2008

Because you gotta have Faith

It appears that somehow Blogger 'ate' my post from yesterday...pooh.......I don't know how, but its gone. Perhaps because it was so hot and sticky here yesterday it just melted. It was 89 degrees in my neighborhood and about 95 in my loft with a nice dash of humidity -very unusual for SF. I wouldn't mind if I could get the apt to about 78, me and the cats wilt otherwise. So I'm having faith is it won't eat THIS one.

Faith-we all have it, we all rely on it and we all need it. Our faith manifests in different ways, versions and amounts-but its a common denominator. This necklace speaks of faith, in particular the Christian Faith. Its made with blue beads to symbolize holiness and the Virgin Mary, Steel wire for strength and a myriad of religious charms. I was thinking of my friends who have deep ties to this religion and faith while making it. I have a number of things I want to make about religion, but the rest are all 'incubating' in my brain, notepad, and on the work table.

I had posted yesterday about another art doll that went down to Venice to participate in the "Its Raining Art Dolls" exhibit at 10 Women Gallery. So here's another photo, this one is before her shooting star tail was added, she is the "Silver Screen Goddess". She is only about 6 inches tall, with lots of beads, sequins and vintage lead crystal beads. She's very pretty and I hope someone buys her. Of course I added her tail and packed her up-without a photo-but I'm sure I'll get a pic of her in the window, so I'm not worried.

And since yesterday was above 85 degrees here yesterday, of course that was the day I had to take photos with the big lights! That didn't help the heat index in here but it needed to be done. Last night and today I worked on photos, ebay destash/declutter listings, answering/clearing out emails, doing the never ending laundry and wishing I was in Austin this weekend to go to the Naughty Secretary Book Release party!

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the_lazymilliner said...

Barbe, lucky you going to London! Phillip Treacy is the hat shop to visit there, but there are others because England is so into hats. I'd do a Google search on milliners, hats and millinery.