Monday, August 04, 2008


Charles Babbage was a calculating man in more ways than one...........

Charles Babbage Necklace - On the website tomorrow. He is another of my favorites but I'll be happy to see him go to a new home.

Today is "Marketing Monday" for me, so I spent the day doing things to market myself and a few others. I find if I block out one full day to do these things, I don't feel overwhelmed about doing it and stuff actually gets done. Its a trick that is working for me, if blocking out an hour a day works for you=go for it!. You have to find what works for you and your personality. Tomorrow is "Techno Tuesday" where I do computer stuff like photo resizing, making banners, etc....

Since it is Marketing Monday-have you signed up for my newsletter??? I'm sending out a subscriber only sale tomorrow that you don't want to be left out on!!!! Christmas in August!

I got alot of stuff done today and I'm pretty happy. I still have one thing to do tonight and I will have marked everything off the list - go me!

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