Sunday, August 03, 2008

Etsy - is it worth the effort?

I really like shopping on Etsy, but I don't have alot of luck selling on there. I've done all the 'suggestions' about adding people, listing at a certain time of day, joining groups and discussions, etc..... personally, I don't want to spend a majority of my time and marketing efforts on Etsy rather than my OWN website because I frankly don't think its worth it.

Other people have a different opinion and experience. Some people use it AS their website, and are doing really well. I think if you sell well, you should do your own website and stop paying fees to Etsy and migrate customers to your own domain-but thats my opinion.

Here's my recent experience on Etsy. For the month of July, I listed & relisted 36 items and my total bill for the month was $9.98. I sold 2 items for a total gross sales of $27. Minus paypal fees of $1.59, that makes my sales are $25. 41. Then subtract the $9.98 fees for the month and I made $15.43 and that isn't including the time I spent listing as well as promoting the etsy shop. I think this is a really sad and I really wonder if its worth my time. I haven't gotten any "wholesale" accounts from it or even anyone just buying. I've marked everything down super cheap, but even then its not moving. It may be more fiscally responsible to donate everything and use it as a tax write off or just put them in orders as thank you's.

If you sell on Etsy, what has been your experience?? I'd love to hear from both sides of the fence on this one!


hairycarrot said...

Oh, but you're totally famous! My etsy sales have been terrible since after the holiday rush. I know that part of that is my fault, because I haven't listed a lot. I focus a lot more on local shows during the summer. But in the winter? I actually make sales!
Plus, right now the economy is pretty bad. After all, people are getting nostalgic for the 70's. You might find that the holiday shopping season will make it worth it. The summer is just hard.

Bead-Mused said...

My experience has been hit and miss, but I've neglected it terribly since last fall. If I list at least once a week, I get more action. But you are right in that it's so much work for so little return. I just look at it as another way of getting my name out there, and that makes it pretty inexpensive advertising. And yeah, you're pretty famous.

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

Hairy Carrot-LOVE that name!! LOL
oh girl I WISH I were famous-I'm probably infamous but not famous LOL

Summer has been down for alot of people, but then others seem to have had the best 3 months ever....go figure. With yarn, its HARD to sell during the summer because no one wants to touch wool when its hot. I understand, I haven't even spun much this summer either.

Fingers crossed I (and everyone)can get a headstart on holiday sales-I have an upcoming surgery and belated honeymoon trip to the UK that need some dollars thrown at them.

Theresa-you are right about using as a way to put your name out there. You should do it at every opportunity. I think the people who buy my jewelry don't necessarily shop on Etsy. I shouldn't feel bad about it, just focus on where they do shop.

Heres to a prosperous fall and winter for us all!

Brad & Alicia said...

I have had mediocre success with Etsy. I have 4 sales total in probably 6 months? I try not to use it but keeping hoping maybe it will help. Last night I got a sale but I think it was cause I directed it there from Flickr.
The past few weeks I have been trying to list a new item a day. I have talked with a few rare bears that have had good luck with 400+ sales. I don't know how they do it. I prefer people to buy off my site but still trying to determine the best way to get people there without thousands in marketing dollars... Press Releases seem to be the best so far.
And sometimes my site seems a bigger pain to update then etsy. I am thinking I may change my layout to make it easier.

HGF said...

Wow! Just found you (and now can't even remember know how surfing goes!) and LOVE your work. Well done and huzzah to you!! Interesting about etsy...I'm just now thinking about it but fear just what you've written. I used to do eBay before all the price gouging and did okay. Last year + I've "disappeared" from the web cuz of larger life challenges. Just rebuilding now, with limited time so trying to hit the high impact stuff first. Thanks for the dose of reality. Off to check our your work a little more closely. Happy day and yes, happy find for me!!!! Holly