Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's not the sky falling - It's Raining Dolls!

If you are in the L.A. area during the month of September, you will definately want to stop by Ten Women Gallery in Venice. The window installation will be a display of art dolls/figurative sculpture titled " RAINING ART DOLLS " and is curated by my dear friend Patricia Anders.
This amazing exhibit will feature art dolls by 29 artists from across the US and will be on display during the month of September, 2008. I am very happy to have been invited to be a part of this exhibit with all these talented artists. Tricia is an AMAZINGLY talented artist, and one of the sweetest people on earth. If you can, please check out the gallery and see her paintings and dolls in person.

The doll above is the little beauty I sent down to the show. She is about 7 inches tall and I think if you click the image above, a larger one will pop up so you can see it better. I haven't made a doll in a while, so I started to put a few together in various forms. I started a completely different one in the form of a necklace, but as often happens-they have a mind of their own. This is the one that hatched first, so she got to fly to LA.
I now have a few figures in various states that I can work on this week if the headaches will leave me be that is. I use to get upset at myself, seeing all the UFO's (un finished objects) I started but left half down. Now I appreciate having all these projects to complete, because I can see that sometimes you need a break to re-evaluate, re design, or put a whole new twist and make it even better than if I had completed it start to finish. I'm viewing having projects in various states is like planting seeds - sometimes you plant and they sprout quickly, other times it takes a while. Eventually they will all grow and flower into something beautiful.

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