Monday, August 25, 2008

Marketing Monday help via Jen Perkins

I'm a bit late with my Marketing Monday post and doing any marketing at that. I woke up with a headache AGAIN. I'm getting a much slower start to the day than I wanted, even though I woke up at 8am.

Luckily Jen's Monday guest blog post on Indiefix is helping me out tremendously today. She talks about creating a lookbook and shows us how she did hers. Its like a pumped up press kit. Helps alot to see someone's example. I have 'do press kit' on my list and this will help me really nail mine. Thanks Jen!
I also re-did the shopping cart on my website so a customer can order without creating an account. You CAN create an account if you want, you can create a wish list and make re ordering easy -but it is not required to place an order now. I know some people don't like having to do that, so I wanted to shut it off. Luckily, my webguy aka hubby was able to do that for me.

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