Friday, August 22, 2008

More Art Doll Eye Candy

I truly don't know WHERE the week has gone, but its Friday (free for all Friday!) already. I went thru and deleted some photos on my computer yesterday-and came across this doll. I made this a few years ago and it went to live in an gorgeous colorful, art filled home in AZ to live with my friend Theresa.

However, my dolls pale in comparision to another artsy friend-Kerry of October Effigies. Her's are absolutely spectacular! She just put up on of her new ones on her blog, a GORGEOUS girl named Clockerella that you can see here. I love her!!! (a perfect birthday gift for someone whos birthday is Sept 19th, hint hint!) And-She also gave me some linky love which is always nice, thanks Kerry!

I'm still working on my doll art and necklaces. I bought some stuff at the sculpture store and then realized after I opened the jars, that I picked up a jar of magic sculpt hardener but a magic smooth resin. Not the end of the world but now what I wanted...... The difference-sculpt is firm like a clay and smooth is like peanutbutter. Smooth is GREAT for covering a large area and making a smooth surface, but I need to sculpt it..sigh...If you mix the two together its realitively useable but gooey. Make do for now but at some point I need to go over and get sculpt resin. Luckily I only bought the little 8 0z jars, not the lb size ones so if I get clever, I can use this up right away.

I also got some linky love from my uber talented friend Lisa Vollrath. Thanks Lisa! Her website is "Go Make Something" and its JAM PACKED with all kinds of great articles on mixed media, collage, and altered art projects to make.

and on that note, I am going to "Go Make Something"! A lightweight vintage jacket for my trip!

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