Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Necklace for A Leg Up Rescue

This Sacred Rose Necklace is part of a silent auction at a fundraising cocktail party to benefit A Leg Up Rescue. The event is this Friday August 8th, downtown San Francisco details can be found here.
Excuse the crappy photo, I wanted to take a quickie pic before I shipped it off last week. Its a vintage lucite setting, with vintage text, a dried rose, resin, murano glass beads, antique crystals on goldfill chain. I hope it brings some good $$$ for the animals!


Carter said...

Oooh....Love the colors in this. The color on that rose really pops!
I'm sure it will fetch a pretty penny for some pooches!
I love doing things for good causes. If you're short on time, in-kind donations can help make a difference.

CatHerder said...

gee..do great minds think alike???? I dont have a pic lying around, but I made one alot like yours! I used a red rose petal that looked like a heart, and used the dried leaves at the top to look like the top of the sacred heart...i put it on burned parchment text and in old english the word "hope" underneath...all soldered silver under glass....i didnt do a chain or beading like yours though...yours is very pretty, i like the pink...mine was a very dark red!

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

Thanks Carter! I hope it does too!!!

Catherder-great minds DO think alike!!! LOL I tried red, but it was too 'red'...I really need a wine color but didn't have any. The lighter pink works, the murano beads are all detailed, with all the colors and it ties it together.

I need to work on my soldering iron soldering.....mine is always so lumpy