Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Some of my favorite Jewelry suppliers

I know I'm always looking for more suppliers, sadly theres no "one shop fits all needs" website/company. So for those of you also looking, heres a list of some of my fave sites. I could go on and on about individual bead makers, but this is for multi item shops!
In no order of preference:
  • Thunderbird Supply Company - They have alot of subscriber only sales, and their prices are really good. They are quick and really nice to work with.
  • Rio Grande - I think I order from them and Thunderbird the most. They have almost everything.
  • Jewelry Supply Co. - Lots of pretty stuff!
  • Contenti - They have alot of stuff and good prices on tools.
  • Santa Fe Jewelry Supply - another good sized site with some good prices
  • Monster Slayer - another site with a good selection of products. Sterling is usually the lowest thru them.
  • Rings & Things - always fun stuff!
  • General Bead - I don't use the website, its WAY more fun to go to the store. Everyone is SUPER friendly and helpful and I really love it there.


Brad & Alicia said...

Thanks for the tips a few of those I hadn't heard of another one of my favorites is Halstead beads.
I also want to oder some Czech linked chain from Saveonbeads.com.
Any good sources for plastic dice beads?

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

oh saveonbeads, adding them to the list!!!
dice beads- I use to just buy them from gaming suppliers to make my own beads. You can get all sizes and drill them yourself-and its cheaper!