Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assembly line

A little peek of my small resin jewelry assembly line. I try to fit as much as I can in my handy box lid tray before I pour resin. Believe it or not it takes forever to find the right paper to put in each one because they are so tiny. I use an old gift box lid lined with wax paper to hold the pieces. Not pretty but super sturdy and effective. I can stick this inside the cabinet while curing so no dust or cat hair gets in it.

I'm also want to share some happy news-an absolutely GORGEOUS boutique gallery in Portland, Redux will be carrying my jewelry! So, if you are in Portland, check out the store and see all the gorgeous things they carry. I've also got a few other exciting things bubbling up right now, but I'm keeping them under wraps until I'm sure they are set in stone.

I have finally finished my jacket for the trip. I have been avoiding doing button holes all week, but it had to be done. I had to do the top button hole 3 times because it kept screwing up one the right side. Tearing out buttonhole stitching is a royal pain!!!! I need to take some pics tomorow and post them.

I think I have about everything for the trip, and really want to pack now so I can "remember" if I forgot to pack something before we leave. But the weather forecast keeps changing-first it was supposed to be warmish but a bit wet, then rain every day, now it says sunny but cold...Makes trying to pack in advance interesting. I think I'll need to wait until the day before to decide if I need dresses or ski boots.


Contessa Kris said...

They're beautiful. I've always meant to play with resin. I might try it sometime. Where did you get the metal pieces to fill? So pretty.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Kris, I got the small ones from a friend who had moved on to a different type of jewelry work, the other settings I got about 8 yrs ago at a local bead store.

Bead-Mused said...

Congratulations, Barbe! Wish I lived closer to Portland. I have also been wanting to play with resin, but down here I may have to wait until October or November when it cools off enough. 90-100° just isn't the right temp.

Enjoy your trip!

CatHerder said...

Those look great! I havent tried the resin route i always use the glass..but im going to try it...i saw someone on tv that used a router to cut out a design in a door, then tinted resin and poured it in and it looked like stained was really cool. Have a great trip..take lots of pics.