Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bead Bloggers and Bad Bloggers

whoa-I can't believe its been nearly a week since I blogged! I'm a bad blogger this week. We've been having a heat wave-it was 90 here on Thursday! Heat with a smidge of humidity makes me feel awful, so I guess I haven't really done much-bad me! But this week will be cooler so I'll be alot more productive!

Here's this weeks Bead Bloggers Linky Love! Jewelry Making Have you been to the Jewelry Making Forum lately? If not, no problem - here is the low-down about some recent jewelry discussions going on over there.

Art Bead Scene Art Bead Scene is Sunny Side Up!

Bead&Button Magazine Several projects percolating in Tea's beading brain lead to a new creation
Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Melanie celebrates her upcoming feature about Steampunk jewelry in Beadwork Magazine

Jewelry & Beading Cyndi's wrapping up an armful of fun with this colorful bracelet!

Katie's Beading Blog This week, free instructions for Katie's Smoky Topaz necklace!

Carmi's Art/Life World - Suspended Leather Pendants Carmi finds an easy way to suspend leather in wire.

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Molly Smith said...

Barbe, your blog is great! At least you know what blogs to post in your update. I am still learning and would rather read others. I need to add you, I know that much.

Have a great week!