Monday, September 08, 2008

Book Review: Making Designer Jewelry from Hardware, Beads & Gems

Quarry Books - Jewelry With Hardware, Gems, Beads

This past weekend I got the book Making Designer Jewelry from Hardware, Beads, and Gems by Nicole Noelle Sherman. Unusual/edgy jewelry is right up my alley, so the subject matter caught my attention right away.

With a title with the word “Hardware” in it, some might think the designs would be really out there or to severe to wear. That is not the case with this book everything is extremely wearable and edgy but not overly so. This book uses steel, copper and brass parts like washers, tubing and bolts but in a very modern wearable way. This book is definately for someone who likes their jewelry a bit on the funky modern side. Its a nice introduction to taking unusual items and incorporating them into jewelry. Almost all the supplies can be found at any local hardware store, which makes it accessible for everyone to create the projects

Using hardware in jewelry has always been around but is becoming more popular. Nicole Sherman, shows the reader how they can mix both common metal hardware supplies with favorite bead-store jewels to create some great jewelry pieces.

There are only a couple of projects geared towards the guys, but I think alot of them could be unisex with a little moderation. I think my fave project in this book is the signal flag belt-very creative!

Jewelry with Hardware is a great mixed media book to make you think outside the box.

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