Sunday, October 26, 2008

1000 Jewelry Inspirations Book Review

This book is nothing but a visual feast of jewelry eye candy and color overload. And I mean that in a GOOD way! And yes, I'm kicking myself I didn't submit to it as well!

This is one gigantic colorful buffet of jewelry inspiration and examples that you'll want to look at it over and over again. It’s not a project book, although there are brief step by step instructions in the back, this book is meant to be eye candy for your creative soul.

There are so many wonderful pieces in the book that you will have no trouble finding something to inspire you. It contains 300+ pages of gorgeous color photographs of jewelry that range from wirework, beadwork, metal work, polymerclay, found object and everything in between created by jewelry artists from across the globe.

The book is divided into several sections. Each photo is numbered as well.
  • Chapter 1 is Beads and Baubles, with the most items 1- 313
  • Chapter 2: Paper + Mixed Media 314 -440
  • Chapter 3: Polymer + Precious Metal Clay 441 - 602
  • Chapter 4 covers Vintage and Repurposed 603 - 749
  • Chapter 5: Fibers + Fabric 750 - 864
  • Chapter 6: Wire + Metal Items 865 - 1000
The book concludes with a short appendix of jewelry-making techniques for beginners, a massive artist directory/index, and some jewelrymaking resources.
This is a GREAT book to have on hand and stir up some creativity. I really recommend it for all jewelry making libraries.


CatHerder said...

dont know how i missed this one...have to check it out

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

you will totally love it!

Jean said...

this looks so fascinating! thanks for recommending it Barbe! xox jean