Friday, October 17, 2008


Soon, this pile of fabric will be lush accessories....soon, I swear! It's for a class project photo. I didn't like what I had made earlier and wanted to start anew. I have been gathering up the stuff to do it over the last week but no energy to make anything.
I started working on it today, then felt I needed to dye stuff to use. Did a bunch of that, had dinner then felt the need to put together my new desk Rob got for me. Its been a full day. I'll finish this project this weekend so I can photograph them on Monday or Tuesday.

Also=I have deleted my recent Amber Alert posts, in case anyone was wondering what happened to them. They had a happy ending, and thanked everyone for helping spread the word and now would like to put it behind them and not have it haunt said child online forever. I totally understand, so deleted the posts per their request. I'm very very thankful they had a happy ending.

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