Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Happy Ending

A happy tale that could have had an all too familiar sad ending-but not for Archie!

Archie has found his forever home!!!!! Two weeks ago, he was scheduled to be put down, today he has a lifetime of love to look forward too!

Today Rob and I took Archie over to his new forever home. He has a new Mom, little girl and the 3 of them make perfect family. We are SOOOOO happy we got to know him for just a short 2 weeks, and even happier we could help him get adopted and on with life in such a short time.

So give your own animals a hug today, and remember wonderful animals end up in shelters every day who don't get a forever home.


Carter said...

Warm fuzzies! Yay!
People like you make the world a better place!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

I know!!! It makes you realize how doing something SO little can make such a huge difference. Its such a fairytale ending!!