Monday, October 06, 2008

Marketing Monday - admitting your faults

Yes, Marketing Monday is BACK! I didn't plan on taking a break, but am back.

Todays marketing focus is on admitting ones faults and working thru them. For me its lack of focus, too much inspiration and not being organized.

Lack of focus: There are things I need to get done, mostly that involved being on the computer. Things like working on a press kit, writing up class proposals, website maintance, marketing & PR, inventory, learning Quickbooks, resizing photos, etc.... And I really don't LIKE to work on the computer that much. So I do the bare minimum and put off things. This kind of avoidance doesn't really help a business (and person!) grow. I KNOW it needs done and yet I barely do it. That has to change otherwise I will never get to where I want to be.

My plan: I am going to schedule myself specific tasks in hourly segments and set a timer. Surely I can work on writing or resizing pics for an hour, especially if I know when the timer is up I can do something else for a bit. Also, I'll spread them out over the week, so I'm not on the computer for 10 hours a day, with my eyes bugging out LOL.

Too Much Inspiration: I know to most people this doesn't seem like a fault, so let me explain. I can find creative inspiration for projects in a pile of garbage or a pile of diamonds. In colors of leaves, people's outfits on the street, stories, oil slick in a mudpuddle or architecture. I will probaby never ever create 1/99th of the things that swirl in my brain for various reasons, but that doesn't stop the brain from seeing patterns in everything.

For example, I always have a pile of stuff on my work table because I'm bad about putting things back (fault #3). I will start to clean off my work table, pulling things out and putting them away and as I do it, I'll notice a color or parts combination that speaks to me. I think, "OH that works together" so I put them aside in a tiny pile. Then it happens again and again until the table is still full of stuff and only about 1/4 of it put back. And these aren't complete project piles, they are budding seedlings. Some only need a couple of things before it is 'done', others are truly just starting points. I see everything in life this way and they all bleed over onto everything else. Colors in a dead leaf will inspire fabric buying for a dress, texture on rusty junk triggers the need to reproduce the texture in a painting, etc..... I can not NOT get inspired by absolutely everything around me.

Plan: The goal is I need to finish a project before I start another. Ok, thats stretching it I know, but its a goal and as long as I work towards it, I am working thru the fault. Also, I can bag up and label all the little piles of projects, so they are put away and not creating clutter (ties into fault #3). And lastly, I can start to carry a notebook and camera with me so I can record my chaotic inspirations and have them on paper, allowing my brain to focus on working.

Organizing: Oh dear, this is a hard one. I think most artists struggle with it. I have a VERY small apt where I work out of, no storage and A LOT of stuff. I am constantly looking for better ways to make use of my lack of space, while keeping all the stuff I need to create. Things pile up, chaos ensues and the energy from it is counter productive. Takes forever to find the ONE thing I need, and while looking I create 20 mini projects from looking at stuff (see Fault #2!).

The plan: Get focused and put stuff away when done with it! Look at how other people organize, and research better storage systems. Also, get rid of things you know you aren't using and probably won't use (this is the hardest for me). Also, I just found this great sounding class by Alyson Stanfield "GO! Get Organized to Run a Successful Art Business" It's tomorrow, so not sure I can sign up now, but its on my list to check out in greater detail later today.

I'd love to hear what your 'faults' are regarding your art/craft business and what you do to work thru them too!


Robin Maria Pedrero said...


I too have a lot of inspiration. I am lacking in space so today I made arrangements to clear out large items from my home and sahre the abundance. I linked your post on my blog today

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thank you Maria! How wonderful you were able to give up SO much big furniture to others who need it and appreciate it! Thats so wonderful!

Share the wealth - its a motto I live by too!

BIG HUG TO YOU!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}