Monday, October 13, 2008

Marketing Monday - Turn the Music off

Another Marketing Monday and I've set myself a 3 hour block to do marketing things. So far, so good-I don't feel chained to the computer! I am reading thru some marketing blogs to catch up for the past month I've been MIA, and I came across one in particular that I wanted to mention today.

Nicolette Tallmadge has a website called Craftedweb: Internet marketing for artists. Its a great website you should add to your own marketing tips list. Her post titled: Turn that music down! talks about a pet peeve of hers as well as mine-music on websites. It truly drives me BONKERS! This is a great article, so please give it a read.

Over the weekend, I re-arranged the downstairs area again. When you have a 15 x 14ft space with a giant window, radiator heater under that, a staircase and 3 doorways to contend with in your kitchen/eating AND office/studio space-you have to get creative. I moved the wall unit to the middle of the space so it divides it a bit. Now my computer doesn't get so much glare from the window and a majority of the 'mess' is out of eyes view from the front door.

I've decided to focus only on jewelry and assemblage now so 95% of the yarn stuff needs to go. Storage is non existant here, and I have too much and can't find anything. Yarn and fiber takes up an obscene amount of space compared to a shoebox of jewelry bits. The place will feel so much better with less stuff in it too so I'm motivated to move it along to the next person who will use it. I put up some lots on Etsy but think I'll make a few big lots and get them out quickly. Or I might try to trade them for jewelry stuff, I'd prefer to do that-win/win for everyone that way!
That will be a task for another day though. I also need to get some kind of wall shelving, maybe Elna? above my work table and I need a big chalkboard. Why are chalkboards so dang expensive???? I may just make one, I believe Plaid makes chalkboard paint now and the size I want is a fortune...hmmmm, another project to put on the list!

Still looking for booth setups and interesting jewelry displays-so if you have photos of either, please send them my way!

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Bead-Mused said...

Barbe ~
Thanks so much for the link to Craftedweb! I finally have somethat at hand that specifically addresses the area in which I'm weakest when it comes to my business, and this is so specific to artistic types. I have signed up for the newletters and am eagerly waiting to dive in. As always, you're a doll!