Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pretty Buttons

Some of the pretties I picked up on the trip. The green ones on the card are carved celluloid and only £1 at the Cardiff Boot Sale!! My Welsh boyfriend Steve got them for me because I only had 50p and a quarter on me by that point in the day, and Rob was off looking at another stall. Thanks Steve!

In London I went to the Button Queen in Marylebone and was disappointed. Don't bother if you are looking for really a large selection of vintage/unique buttons. They had mostly new stuff and weren't very friendly at all to me. So I left without buying anything, but its ok because a better shop was waiting.

I found a wonderful button store in Hampstead called Button Lady, and the larger buttons on the side are from there. If you go to London you must visit the shop! An ADORABLE couple own the shop, the husband is retired and helping with his wife's business. She was a dress maker and button collector who collection got so vast she opened a shop. He was such a delight to chat with and very knowledgable about button. They had visited here a few yrs ago and had been to Exclusive Buttons in El Cerrito-small world!!!! I could have spent the entire day there, and will the next time I go back. A tiny shop but FILLED floor to ceiling with fantastic stuff.

I spent the day and completely CLEANED OFF MY WORK TABLE!!!! A true miracle LOL. I have one pile of stuff I'm still putting away, but it fits on a regular sheet of paper, so I'm doing REALLY WELL!!! I need to repaint the top since its so stained and covered in resin, but at least its free of clutter! Go me!!!!!

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