Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneak peek at fiber alchemy

Well, I FINALLY finished enough of my fiber project to take photo's tomorrow......I am slow AND I wish I could just sit and work for a full 10 hours not do other stuff (now I'm just venting!)

Anyway, here's a sneak peak at it. I can't show the full thing until the class listing is posted.
I got a new desk and moved/rearranged things and couldn't find 2 pieces I made months ago as class samples....I'm sure they are here, put away safely so it doesn't get dusty. I'll photograph them tomorrow and then I'm DONE!!! Well until the ZNE event that is and then I'll be teaching!!! April 29th-May 3rd
Now I need to get back to worrying about the KPFA Crafts and Music show. I am no closer to getting my booth space figured out today then I was a month ago..bad me. And I NEED to get on that! I've been trying to find photos of other peoples booths, but haven't had a whole lot of success with that. I need something that fits my look but isn't going to cost me a fortune. Also need to make more stock for this show too, especially rings because I think I only have 4 or 6.... If anyone has have some interesting jewelry display photos, please send them my way.
I ordered some thinner sterling sheet, nickle sheet and brass bezel wire last week and am anxiously waiting for that. I have some plans for special pendants and I only had 20g sterling- too heavy & expensive for the project. I want to do some in brass as well so they will be more affordable. I always have a billion ideas buzzing around my head and have to put htem on hold until I get all the ingrediants.
I put up a "getting to know you" list the other day but it didn't post. I must have saved it rather than published it, so I will do that now.

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