Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working for the Weekend

or in my case, working during the weekend. But you can't complain when you love what you do!
I have got a ton of stuff I should be doing, but I'm taking a minute to look at some photos. I wanted to get a pic of this storefront when I was in Cardiff, but Rob had the camera on him and I don't know where he was right then. It epitomizes how I feel about Cardiff and Wales as "The Happy Country. So I asked my friend Steve aka my Welsh boyfriend if he could take one for me next time he went downtown and he did. Thanks Steve!
But I must leave the happy Welsh pics and put my nose to the grindstone. I cut a couple of bezels last night and need to solder them, I have 4 books to write up reviews for, and I really really need to work on literature/presskit/look book and think about the booth display. As well as the neverending housework, where are the housecleaning elves when you need them? Also, It's a gorgeous day out and I really want to go out in it. But I'll make myself get enough things done today so I'll feel ok about doing something tomorrow.
My friend Bernie is down at Dick Blick Academy this weekend teaching. I thought about going down to hang out with her but I thought it was NEXT weekend. So she suprised me Thursday night with an "I'm here" call. I would have gone done anyway but when I went to get a ticket on the Megabus that ran from LA to SF I found out it shut down! Darn! It was really convenient, inexpensive and not a bad ride. Too bad it shut down, anyway-a plane ticket down there last minute is crazymoney so I don't get to hang out with her, boo hoo!
Well I hear the worktable calling, so off I go!

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