Friday, October 31, 2008

Your day is short when you wake to a Trick not a Treat

I woke up today at 8:30 without the alarm. Not bad considering I was up till after 3am watching old monster movies on tv last night. Woo hoo I thought, I can get alot done today! So, I get my clothes, go upstairs to take a shower. I notice something odd, the clock in the bathroom says 10:15.

WTH!!! 10:15??? Was I abducted by aliens on my walk up the stairs??? Since I couldn't be sure I turn on the tv to check and it says 10:15, ok it IS 10:15 apparently. I go back downstairs and look at my bedside clock and my eyes do not decieve me- it still says 8:30. Apparently the batteries died in it! DANG! I lost 2 hours I thought I had today LOL. But if that is the only 'trick' I get today, I'll be happy!
Let me say Happy Halloween to you all! Also a huge birthday shout out to my husband who is the Pumpkin King today, and my Cat Neph, who is celebrating her 16th birthday today as well. It will be a big celebration in our house tonight! Hope everyone has a festive and safe night!


Melissa J. Lee said...


Have you been tagged yet? Well, if not, I'm tagging you now! (Rules are on my post: )

CatHerder said...

hope you guys had a good one!