Monday, November 17, 2008

Blue Monday

I was a very busy girl today, but marketing was not a part of the activities. Bad girl, I will have to move todays marketing efforts to tomorrow. I just couldn't fit it in today.

I got up late this morning because the 2 snoring bed partners, my chi snores as loud as my husband LOL. I got in some exercise, took a ton of photos, spent 40 mins waiting in line at the postoffice for stamps, wrote 2 book reviews for CraftGossip and made a caramelized Leek quiche and mixed grain salad for dinner. Looking at it now, it doesn't seem like alot-but my day was non stop. Writing book reviews take me forever. Today I have Tammy Powley's Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry review up, and then one for Cartier will be next week. I have a ton of books to review, I just need to sit down and write them.

It is a Blue Monday because I tried to watch my Welsh drama Y Pris on the S4C website and now its blocked to anyone outside the UK. I nearly cried. How am I gonna know what happens??? I looked at Rob and said "thats it, I need my Welsh tv, I'm moving!". I would gladly pay for the service if it was offered. I truly can't wait until the day we can pick and pay for any tv or cable channel in the world we want to watch.

On a happy note, Jessica came over yesterday and took some yarn home with her. YAY!!! So if you are expecting a gift from her, you know its gonna be pretty!!!!

Anyway, I promise tomorrows post will be more lively!

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