Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a little note, thinking of you

I was going thru my box of "memories" (old letters, postcards, photos, flyers, ticketstubs,etc...) and realized that I never get a letter in the mail anymore. With email, you can type something off instantaneously and get a reply back just as quick no more waiting 2 weeks for a letter.

I remember back in the days BEFORE we all had personal computers, how I would anxiously check the mail each day for a letter or note. I remember how excited I'd get to see a colorful envelope and know it was something just for me. Or a postcard from some place you've never been and you read a snippet of what a good time that person was having there. I found myself getting really melancholy going thru my box, realizing my personal mail is almost non existant. And I'm just as guilty of not sending things out too. While I love being able to connect with everyone on the web, I do miss getting the handwritten notes.

So, I've decided that that is changing as of this week. I've got a TON of postcards I keep picking up here and there and stuffing into a cabinet unused, so why not use them? I'll be sending out a card or 2 every week to some unsuspecting person. Just a little note to say "thinking of you". It doesn't take much to let someone know you are thinking of them, and if you have news to tell thats even better!

So, if any of you would like to be on my list just email me your address.

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