Friday, November 07, 2008

Steampunk Artwork and Junk Queen rework

Going thru the stuff I did the past week, I feel better about my productivity. I DID get a number of things done, and for that I am happy. Today, I've set my timer and worked on resizing photos and listing some stuff on Saints & Sinners.. I will have a productive day without feeling like I did nothing.

I FINALLY finished this pretty Steampunk Portrait - A Mysterious Queen of an Underwater City. I have had it sitting in the pile half done for about 7 months. But it finally came together and she is lovely I think.

I also re-worked the vintage lucite Junk Queen Necklace and am much happier with it. It was too 'pretty' and boring before. Now its more junque like and fitting for a Junk Queen! I added an antique key, and created a photo charm with vintage tin, vintage photo, and more pretty things.
I listed an Oakland/Berkeley Wanderlust Necklace and the Vintage Lucite Charm Queen Necklace too. Now I am off to do other things and will be back on the computer later to work on more photos and list more jewelry.


Heather - said...

I love the portrait! Nice work!

CatHerder said...

VERY pretty! know when i first clicked on the page i thought it was Lisa Rinna lol!