Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bah Humbug but Go Bean Go!

I'm having a bad case of the negative grumpies....REALLY bad. Three full days of it thus far, and I'm not feeling any relief. And this is unacceptable to but but I can not seem to shake it, no matter what I do. I just sink back down into it and I'm not a good person to be around right now, very toxic and I hate that. Who likes being Toxic? I guess the Toxic Avenger, but not me its so anti-ME now. There are alot of excuses why I'm feeling this way and at the same time none. I really really really don't like me right now. I apologize to everyone in advance.

So on to happier/more pleasant news: Bernie's campaign to get one of her rescue dogs, Bean into the Whitehouse is taking off!! The story was picked up by Nashville MSNBC! With luck, word will reach the Obama family and they can meet and fall in love with Bean the dog. Go Bernie go!


Linda Woods said...

Sorry about the grumpies! It happens to all of us.

narkeymarkey said...

big hugs being sent your way :)

just go with it honey, maybe it's your body's way of getting you to take it easy for a while?

have you tried pampering your way out of it? look after youself, treat yourself as you would a best friend :)

when i'm feeling like this, i try to identify if there's a reason (am i avoiding something, getting uptight about something) and if not, just ride it out. the trick is to turn the grumpies into a kick up the backside if they go on too long!

take care of yourself :)x