Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marketing Monday (a day late) - Casting the net wider

I really MEANT to post yesterday, it just didn't happen for many reasons. What they are now, I can't remember-but they were there yesterday! The above image is "Lolita Pirate" necklace. SOOOOOO many people stopped and looked at her at the show. She a fun necklace, sadly no one took her home so she is still for sale.

Marketing Monday Topic: Cast the net wider.
I read a marketing book that said "a prospect needs to see/hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you." So that means the more you are out there, the closer you get to getting a sale (or many sales).

I'm taking that to heart and actively working on being seen around more. I signed up for a couple of more selling sites and am looking at a couple more. I opened a Lollishop, where I'll feature more girlie, frou-frou things. Lollishops.com has been getting a ton of buzz and is still in beta. It is looking like it will become a huge thing soon. You can see my shop at http://www.lollishops.com/saints-and-sinners

I've opened a new Etsy for just jewelry and art, and am keeping the other one just for destash, prototypes, & misc items. The new jewelry shop is http://www.saintsandsinnersart.etsy.com/, the destash shop is http://www.barbesaintjohn.com/ Both the new Lollishop and the Etsy shop will have one of a kind items, and I'll combine shipping with purchases from all shops as well as the main website. I've put up new jewelry on all three shops, and will be adding more every day.

I'm looking at Art Fire and 1000 Markets as additional sales venues. Art Fire is $7 a month, 1000 Markets is free. I would love to hear from anyone who is on either of these shops. What your experiences have been like and how are the sales? I plan on doing more advertising and shows this year as well.

I've signed up for a few "marketing" emails newsletters recently too. A couple are extremely good, and its funny what some of the others offer up as help to sell your jewelry. One has tips like "selling jewelry cleaning supplies" and another "put your photo on your hang tag" Personally, I'm not really keen on either of these ideas. I sell finished product-not supplies. I wouldn't sell extra chain or tools to fix jewelry either. If I sold loose beads, chain, & findings then I'd think differently. As for a photo on my tags-well I think that would just scare people away and thats anti marketing LOL. Of course I could be dead wrong.

Do you have a funny marketing tip that sounded crazy but worked like magic?? I'd love to hear about it.


Carmi said...

I visited your blog today too! I always learn something...your marketing news is great for me!
Love the bracelet in Etsy!

Carmi said...

Woops...I mean Lollishop!

Anonymous said...

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