Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. Ours was quiet and uneventful, but very good. I hope Santa was good to everyone, even if you have to return a few things.

I'm a big believer in giving gifts as the spirit moves, not just on Dec 25th. I sometimes feel aggravated I HAVE to get gifts because its Xmas, whether I am feeling the inspiration. Thats not right, to give a gift because you HAVE to, whether its the right gift or not. Seems like everyone gets a gift (or few!) that is wrong size, wrong color, or just plain WRONG!!!! Its the wrong ones that I find most interesting. I always wonder what made the giver gift something so off the mark, was it just a bad guess, desperation to get a gift-any gift or do they just really not know the recipient? I know its the thought that counts, but sometimes I worry about the thought.

If you get something in the wrong size, do you wonder if that person truly thinks you are that tiny or that large? If everything you own is pink, yet open up the gift of a black handbag, do you wonder why black? Or if you are a vegetarian and get a box in the mail from Omaha Steaks, is the giver trying to convert you to meat eating??

Over the years I've gotten some AMAZING gifts and some WTH!! gifts. Talking about it today, I decided that wishlists aren't just for Xmas and we should all have one up somewhere. That way, throughout the year, friends can look at it and see trends about the things you like, and be able to get you things based on that. Of course, they can buy whats on the list as well. I had a massive wishlist on Amazon that I used for bookmarking books to get out of the library or look at in person, shoes to find in person and try on, etc...... I just created a new wish list on Amazon-with things I really want, not just a messy "check this out later" list it had been.

As a general wishlist some things I always appreciate getting are:

  • Good quality Jewelry tools-what artist doesn't like getting more tools! I'd love more Swanstrom or Lindstrom pliers & cutters, small drill bits, a quick change handle for my Foredom, more hammers, etc....
  • Jewelry supplies: sterling chain, sheet, wire, copper chain, sheet wire, vintage jewelry pieces, old medals, charms, lockets, whatevers, Gemstone beads, fancy lampwork, filligree beadcaps, etc...
  • Gift cards to Best Buy or Sears-I'm determined to buy a washer/dryer combo this year, I'm tired of the expensive building washers that ruin my clothes.
  • Books and magazines on jewelry making and altered art
  • Weird little things: Things for doing my assemblages, stuff like extracted teeth, bones, acorns, old aquarium figurines, miniatures, half dolls, frozen charlottes dolls, vintage lace, shadowboxes, shells, etc.....
  • Virgin Atlantic Air Miles
  • Gift cards to various stores: I have a long list of stores I frequent-Sephora, H&M, Shoebuy, Manto Fev, Zappos, DSW, etc... If anyone is really that interested, just ask for the list!
I'd love to see your wish lists too! whether on a site or just a list.

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