Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do you hoard, my little packrat friend?

Cyber Granny Assemblage - Sold

Are you a hoarder? I am, and for years I was happy with it. I LOVED having a big room full of stuff, finding more stuff, collecting stuff, etc.... But as I kept moving to smaller and smaller (and more expensive each time!) places to live my packrat hoard has become a source of stress rather than joy.

I've pared down ALOT. Not collecting vintage hats, purses, teapots, china, clothing, etc.....but I've barely bared down the 'creative stash'. I don't knit, so why do I have nearly 100 pairs of knitting needles??? Not sewing as much so why keep all these scraps. I did get rid of 5 leafbags of fabric scraps when we moved 5 yrs ago believe or not!!! If I'm not using it and not going to use it in the next year, do I REALLY need it or am I holding onto it because of some lack mentality? I'm a big believer in seeing the macro in the micro and vise versa-what is my enviroment saying about my inner landscape? Its saying "CLEAN HOUSE COME QUICK!!!"

Like Cyber Granny, my motto is "and I will!!!! I will let go of physical things I don't need this year and allow better/more useful things to come in. I will be happier knowing that things such as these beaded beads I made 9 yrs ago are getting used rather than rolling around in a drawer. Things should be used, not stuffed away forgotten gathering dust.

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Melissa J. Lee said...

I am in a similar situation - even though we moved from a condo to a house when my son was born, we actually lost a lot of storage space (the condo had a huge amount of built-in storage). Sometimes I think I should hire an estate company (think tons of china, books, yarn and fiber, etc.) to come in and clear everything out, just so I don't have to think about it anymore. But whom am I kidding, really? If it were all gone, I'd just start collecting again!

Miz Bella, Hoarder said...

Ooooooh you know I'm a packrat hoarder! I'm working on it though this year - and have decided to freecycle and actually post some things to sell. (um, do I really need thousands of language cards? 100 tiny antique wooden bobbins? fabric I know I won't use? Maybe I should actually MAKE some art to sell out of my vintage hankies! Books I've already read that are taking up space I'll never read again. aiyeee! It goes on and on. I have some cool knitted scarfs - um like when does it ever get cold enough here to wear those? Do you wear scarfs? you want them??

I haven't gotten to the post office yet (what a flake!) but have Miz Bettie's envie in the van read to post tomorrow. I told Zane not to let me forget to go to the post office so you know I'll get there tomorrow! He'll bug me until we

Jessica said...

Oh geez, you know I'm a huge packrat! I've tried to set aside a day every other weekend to clean out a room and it still feels like I have too much. Maybe I need to move to help me part with some of my junk!