Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Mercury Retrograde again?

Can I have a do over week?? Please? The last few days haven't been so fun.
The new and expensive keyboard, dang Staples is expensive. I have to get an ergonomic one because a regular (aka cheap)one hurts my wrists and hands after a while and I get tendonitis.

The culprit Nephthys which made the new keyboard possible. Here she is looking innocent and swearing she was framed.
Today, I was supposed to meet a new friend for lunch. 20 mins to find something to wear. Most of my dresses won't button over my chest now. ugh! Then it took 20 mins to find one shoe that I wanted to wear. It never fails the ONE pair of shoes I want to wear on any given day, I will only be able to find ONE of them.
So shoe found then I looked at the bus schedule and planned it so I could leave at 11:15 and get up there by 12:15. Well the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry-I missed both a bus and train by seconds, so had to wait for the next ones 15 or 20mins respectively. Then get on one, wait 5 mins outside the embarcadero tunnel. Ride it to Montgomery and its Noon-WTH!!!. Schedule says next J train in 8 mins, but 15 minutes pass and no train. At this point there is NO way I am going to get to there other side of the city and meet up so I call and apologize for flaking out and say I just can't make it. I HATE doing that, and especially 15 mins before I'm supposed to meet someone. I feel really bad about it and hope she doesn't hate me too much or doesn't want to pursue a friendship.
So then I figure since I'm downtown I could meet Rob for lunch. I call and tell him I'm at Montgomery, he says meet him at Sansome but with the streetnoise I thought he said Sacramento-so he heads off one way and I go the opposite direction.. UUUUGGGHH! So we turn around and find each but can't find anywhere to sit cause its lunchtime. We go to Starbucks and they are out of sandwiches except for goatcheese and Mushroom-my worst nightmare. So no lunch for me either......Have a latte, hobble to the bus (because my foot is throbbing of course) and wait 25mins for that bus to get home. Sigh.....I want to go back to bed and start the day over.
I hope everyone is having a MUCH better day than I am!


Nef Nef said...


Bead-Mused said...

Ah, the old framed cat story. Yep, all of mine swear they've been framed at one time or other. Just the other day they told me that the dog jumped up on the shelf and knocked the flower pot down.

We two should start a club. You have the bad foot, I have the bad back. Whadda ya say??

I hope you feel better soon!

Jessica said...

I blame you know who. And Kevin.

CatHerder said...

omg...been there, done that...a few beats peeing on your Bastet though doesnt it?? :) Dont worry, Mercury is almost out of retrograde!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

ahahah, cats certainly know how to push buttons thats for sure!

and yes, Jessica I blame you know whoo too!