Monday, January 12, 2009

Marketing Monday - keep on keeping on

Today's Marketing Monday had me going over and rewriting the cover letter to approach out of town boutiques/galleries. I haven't gotten alot of responses of late, so I hope that by reworking my introduction letter (along with the lookbook) will turn around that response rate. And no, I haven't finished the look book yet...Why? Because I need a few more images before I can finish-and I'm having a devil of a time finding them. Tomorrow I WILL find something to work though, I'm itching to finish it!!!!
Marketing Monday Tip #2: Friends are important.
I've also been feeling a bit down with marketing thoughts, and today I got a great email boost from my friend Lisa Vollrath. She is such an amazing business woman, and someone I really admire and adore. As an artist or small business owner, it's really important to have friends who are successful , supportive and can help you see thru the fog. She has a couple of great sites you should check out: Two Ten Studios is her webstore full of all kinds of creative goodies like collage sheets, kits, books and more. Go Make Something is her site with a TON of cool projects, printables, challenges and instructions. If you need to know how to make something, LOOK HERE FIRST!!!! Need to know how to make your own book-its there. Curious about how to age something? No problem, the info is here. Want to make a fake airline ticket for a scrapbook-she tells you where you can do that too! Add these sites to your creative bookmark folder too.

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lisavollrath said...

It's true what the song says: I'll get by with a little help from my friends!

Art on, girl. Thanks for the shout out.