Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend in Review

"I left my heart in San Francisco" Wanderlust Vintage Map Pendant

Today was sunny but SO cold and SO windy! Bettie didn't want to go out for her walkies, and who can blame her? Here she is, bundled up in a sweatshirt from her Aunt Bella. I think she looks like a little sorority girl in it, isn't it just too cute?
I've been a busy bee, taking tons of photos and working on them. Why does that take so long? Maybe because I take about 200 photos per shoot?? I have stuff to list and have been updating the Etsy shops and website slowly as I go along. I love creating, I don't like photo editing and listing so much, but it's got to be done.

I have also been busy on my art my exhibit at Redux Gallery in March. As usual, I have a stack of things "gestating", waiting for this, that and the other to be ready to be born. I wish I had a space that I could fill will all kinds of cool stuff, but I only have a small totebox and a few plastic shoeboxs of treasure. Living in SF, means not having storage space so you just do what you can. I'm not sure how many pieces I want to make yet, but I'm aiming for 10-12. I've got more than that started of course, but they aren't all cohesive, so I need to wait until closer to shipping time to figure out which are going and which aren't.

There are lots of giveaways and sales going on this week I've noticed. The One World, One Heart blog event is back. I meant to join it, but haven't yet...hopefully I can join in the fun this week. Melissa at Strands of Beads, is giving away some GORGEOUS jewelry, click HERE to get in on that. And for all the knitting girls out there- Shannon Okey is also having a massive giveaway of $50 to yarn store of your choice or $50 of hand dyed yarn from her website, a signed copy of her book and ALL of her patterns! Jessica has put some of her soap on sale to make room for new ones. They are only $3 each on her Etsy shop or website. I am pretty sure I read a few more, but can't find them just now. When I do, I'll post and share the love.

Please help all these ladies by spreading the love and letting others know about their giveaways. Be sure to enter yourself too.

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