Sunday, February 08, 2009

Don't throw that away!

Cyberbaby Recycled Pez dispenser, 2006 Barbe Saint John

You can often hear that phrase coming out of my mouth, usually followed by "I can use that for something". Growing up poor, you didn't recycle, you re-used, and you got creative. Those empty 2 liter soda bottles would be turned into terrariums, egg cartons became seed starters, earrings holders or funky Christmas Trees. That is still ingrained in me.

Alot of that kind of thinking died in the 80's and 90's but its all coming mainstream now. We are realizing what an impact waste has on the planet and nearly everyone recycles now.
Since I "re-use" alot of stuff in my own artwork and jewelry, I thought it would be fun to see what other interesting recycled stuff out there.

Check out these newspaper pencils. LOVE THEM! They also have recycled denim and money pencils too.

This recycled skateboard deck tote is super cool too! By Beck(y). I love the clutches too, will be putting on on my wish list.

Speaking of bags, Tracie Lampe makes GREAT pouches, bags and totes from recycled frozen food bags, chip bags, etc... Her shop is Radical Recycks on etsy.

And if you want to be creative, here's a jewelry tutorial by Esprit Cabane . It uses aluminum cans and air dry clay. Looks fun! I dont' have any airdry clay but I do have polymer clay so I will give it a try.

What's your favorite recycled product??? Share the love.

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HeArt Collective said...

my favorite recycled thing has to be rusty nails, followed closely by scraps of really fancy paper so fancy that i would never DARE cut into it if i had a whole piece.

these are great samples of how creative we can really be - newspaper pencils are FANTASTIC!