Friday, February 13, 2009

Felt burial shroud

Linda over at recently put up a post about a gorgeous felt burial shroud. She is getting alot of positive responses to her post.

Made in England, these are probably the most gorgeous things I've ever seen to wrap a deceased loved one in. The website is Bellacouche, have a look-don't be afraid. Its really very beautiful.

The process of death is something most people avoid talking about. We spend thousands putting our deceased loved ones into airtight, non biodegradable containers which are then buried in land that can't be used for anything else. To me, thats such a waste of resources. I would prefer to be wrapped up in this gorgeous soft felt leaf, and allowed to become one with the earth - ashes to ashes, dust to dust. EDIT: I have found there are about 20 eco burial cemetaries in the US.

I think this would be appropriate for pets too. If I had land I could bury my pets one, I'd be doing it this way.

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