Thursday, February 05, 2009

Inspiration and work methods

Crime Machine Steampunk Earrings

People will look at my jewelry and always ask "where do you get your inspiration?"
I always answer "everywhere-from books, music, friends, myths, random people, fashion, history, garbage, colors, etc... There is always SOMETHING that catches my eye in everything I see, hear, taste and feel."

They often look at me like I'm just giving them a line or I'm insane. Truth is, I'm not. Well, I may be a bit insane but my reply is true, I can find a pattern or see a connection everywhere especially in chaos.

To show you how that is, let me show you how I work. This ladies and gentlemen is my work table.
I know, its scary to most people isn't it? Where do I work-well, I'll skoootch out a little 5 inch square of table top that is mostly clear and work. It was white at one time, now is stained with paints, inks, resin, and metal dust. I see you shaking your head, wonder how the heck I get ANYTHING made in this mess. Let me assure you-no matter if its cleaned off completely to the bare table top it will end up like this within 3 days time. And I'm ok with that. I use to hate it, now I just accept it.

I find order in chaos, I find patterns in chaos, I find color combinations in chaos. Even looking at the picture right now I'm seeing some things that will work together. Its sort of like looking at a microscope slide-if you don't know what you are looking it, it looks crazy. I can not work without seeing things together. Artists who can have everything in its proper place and only pull out the things they know they will be using is amazing to me. I can not do that, I've tried-its not me. And thats OK, I work this way someone else works another way. I have a friend who works best sitting on the floor, she doesn't like sitting at a table or desk. So don't be embarressed if you work this way, or need everything in pristine, labeled boxes or can only really work if you need to sit on a beanbag chair next to the fireplace. As long as you are creating and connecting with your creative self thats all the really matters. So work however or whereever you feel most comfortable and claim it, don't be ashamed of it.


Kristal said...

I just want to stick my hands into all of that chaos and say "Yippee!".
Thanks so much for posting this. When I create, I start pulling things out. And keep pulling. Until it's a mess. But that's the only time I feel like everything "fits" together. SO I know exactly how you feel. I envy the pictures of peoples work space where all the boxes are nicely labeled. But I can't do that. To the chagrin of Hubby, poor guy! BTW, I love the earrings!

CatHerder said...

LOVE THE EARRINGS! I get inspiration at the weirdest times in the weirdest i frequently whip out a pen and paper and take notes, as im usually out somewhere when it far as the chaos thing though, NO WAY....i cant create unless my surroundings are spotless and im surrounded by art...weird huh...i cant sleep if there is anything out of place in my bedroom either....

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

thanks for the compliments, ladies!

Kristal, you can come over anytime and dig thru my piles LOL

Catherder=see we all work different ways, and it all turns out great! hee hee!