Monday, February 23, 2009

Marketing Monday - Don't blame the economy

Because there is still a war going on in my sinuses and I am completely run down, today's Marketing Monday post is short.

I recently came across a blog called "The Fluent Self". It's an amazing blog, for helping you become "destuck", I highly recommend you add it to your bloglines, google reader or whatever rss feed you use. Her post today is something I wanted to write about, but she puts it more succinctly than I do so I'll just link to it HERE. I've always believed that just because the economy is bad, doesn't mean people stop spending money, they just spend it more carefully. Whether they spend it at your shop or the one next door, and WHY is the real thing to work on. Anyway-the post at The Fluent Self is really good and she writes "The point is this: TRY STUFF before assigning blame to the most convenient target. I know that the economy is scary. Just make your peace with the fact that hey, you haven’t tried everything yet."

amen to that!

Also, to help you out with marketing there is a free LIVE Teleclass : The Complete Idealist's Guide to Growing a Creative Business: 37 Ways to Really Make an Artsy Living, with Artella Founder Marney Makridakis. It's on Thursday, February 26, 8:30pm Eastern Time, you will need to reserve your spot so be sure to read the full details here.


narkeymarkey said...

ooh, sinus pain - not good, depending on the season i'm either suffering from hayfever or sinusitis!!! so i totally sympathise with you, hope you're feeling better soon :)x

lisavollrath said...

When times are tough, it's time to get creative about marketing! Thanks for the heads up about the other sites---I'm passing them along to some folks who need them.