Monday, February 16, 2009

Marketing Monday - Honesty

Today's Marketing Monday post is about being honest in your marketing. There's a REALLY fine line between talking something up or talking out that certain part of your anatomy.

How often do you see things like "selling fast!" or "only 3 left, get them NOW!!!!". When people do this, it often isn't the truth and makes them sound like some sleazy used car salesman from the 70's, what I call "Slick Rick Schtick" It turns people off, rather than makes them jump to buy your product. I think thats an old school method of marketing, people are too savvy today to buy into it (for the most part).

Don't say "We" when the company is just you. It's a lie and there's no reason to lie. Not a huge/giant lie but still a falsehood. I'm a big believer in Law of Attraction, the more little white lies you tell the more that come into your life, and I know you don't want that! Also, its more personal to know whether you are dealing with a stay at home single mom or a 3 person design team not the ambiguous "we".

Also, don't try to impress your customers by saying things like "I've selected these findings from my frequent trips to Europe", unless you are REALLY offering something unique that can ONLY be found in that country or city. You may have bought those swarovski crystals in London but they can be bought everywhere in the world and aren't unique. If you DO have something that can't be found in your country, by all means use that as a selling point. It will make your work stand out if you are using French souvenir charms or Dutch Blue china charms.

In business as in life, be honest not desperate. Honesty is always the best policy and people will know if something is selling like hotcakes or not.


elodee said...

lmao...I can't breathe..that was toooo funny! You're hifrigginlarious

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

I hope you are laughing in a good way!

I'm so tired of seeing all these "last chance" marketing things that just reek of desperation.
IMHO, it's easier to be honest, upbeat and be personable rather than have a bunch of "Slick Rick Schticht".

Maybe I should edit the post and add that...yes, I think I will