Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Work it Wednesday - Online Computer Classes

One of my intentions for this year is to learn this BLEEPING Quickbooks Pro software I bought last year. I learned how to do accounting/bookkeeping on paper 20 odd years ago and my brain has had a horrible time trying to reconcile that with this computerized system.

After many frustrating attempts, the expensive software has sat here on the computer taking up space and not being used. I have been unable to find a QB class IN SF, but then remembered has been around a LONG time doing online training-why didn't I remember them last year? They have a huge list of programs (541 online courses!) you can learn-anything from Photoshop to Avid to Maya 3D to Quickbooks, Excel, or Filemaker Pro, etc.......And they are pretty cheap-you can pay $25 a month for unlimited use or $25o for a year. If you are looking to brush up on some skills or learn some new ones, this is a GREAT website to check out first.

So tonight; after Top Chef, I'll be spending some quality time with Quickbooks. I will probably take a look at the Excel and Filemaker classes too. Since I don't do admin anymore my computer office skills are really bad, and I should keep them up to date-JUST INCASE.

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