Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Crafty in Cardiff

As some of you may know, I love Cardiff. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cardiff. Apparently its the fastest growing city in Europe and it has a really hip vibe to it. I have been planning to go back this summer. Sadly the recession hit our household yesterday and my plan of taking the Welsh Language Immersion class is all but cancelled. I can't tell you how sad this whole job/money situation makes me feel for our household as well as my own plan of being able to visit Wales again. I am grateful that we will be ok for a few months at least and can focus on making sure the transition will be smooth and painless.

So, while I can't visit Cardiff at least I can read about it. I recently came across a new online craft magazine that is being published in my favorite city called MADE.

From their about us page: "MADE magazine is a response to the lack of fun, fashionable and funky craft and hobby magazines for young women in the UK." The editor told me its geared toward women under the age of 32. But as an old fogey of 43, there are lots in this magazine that I really like. I think they have really hit a key market that doesn't have good magazine geared just toward them. It will really fill a niche in the DIY/Indie market.

So check them out, there are 2 issues both online and free.The first issue is here, the second is here. Please pass the links around to all your crafty friends.

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