Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love a lazy Sunday

I had another "do what I want" day! woo hoo! and it didn't involve jewelry. I wanted to do something different so I pulled out a small canvas and got to work with all the bits of scrapbook paper and stuff I've been sitting on. Its turquoise and a deep coral red=prettier then the camera pics up. And yes, the L is mostly cut off the word, thats the way the paper was so I just went with it, your brain fills in the missing part of the letter. This isn't finished yet but I think I like the way it's coming out.

I also spoke to Jessica about her weekend at the La Petite Maison Blanc workshop down in L.A. yesterday. It sounds LUSH!!! She told me about ALL the great stuff that came included in the price= a private reception with make & take and munchies at "Paris to the Moon", classes with 3 teachers, nibblies for the registration and vending hour before class, incredible & delicious catered lunch, a tea time, not to mention the amazing goody bag and other swag she got. She had a FANTASTIC time and I must go to one this year if I can! I forgot to blog about our trip to Crown and Crumpet Tea Shop last Sunday for her birthday, but check out her blog for the details and photos!

I also want to send a little late CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Jen Perkins and hubby for the arrival of their little bundle of love baby Tallulah a couple weeks ago. Sadly, I won't get to see Jen at the ZNE Convention but hopefully I can get to see her sometime soon.

Tonight, I've cranked up the space heater and am about to go hole up in the bedroom with Bettie and work on some wire jewelry=more of my take it easy weekend.

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Jessica said...

Oh, it's so sad that Jennifer Perkins won't be at the ZNE convention! But I noticed she is still on the website for it?!? Hopefully the organizer can get that cleaned up so Jennifer's fans won't be too disappointed when they arrive and she isn't there!