Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Jewelry and A Book Review

Devotion Earrings Let Them Eat Cake

Golden Lux Necklace Blackbird Singing Bracelet

I love to create, but don't like the process of putting things on the website. Where's my website godmother to do the boring stuff for me? I know I need to do it every day or at least every couple of days, but still have a pile here waiting for me to get busy.

But on to something fun - a craft book review.

I recently got the book "Altered Art Circus" by Lisa Ketell. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the Circus due to a horrific event suffered as a 4 yr old - a sadistic clown scared the crap out of me and I peed my pants. Nice huh? Needless to say, that early experience tends to make one a bit biased against Circus stuff in general, and Clowns in particular.

And even though I'm more of a sideshow circus gal myself this book is totally cute and full of fun mixed media altered art projects. There are 30 projects in here and a gallery of inspirational images. While the title says circus, the book does also dwell into the land of make believe and magic with projects like captured fairies in a jar, a book of secrets and a fairytale pagent crown.

I love the circus cars pictured on the cover, the Carnival Theater project. Also I am in love with the Miss Spellbinder's Magic cook book, and the ADORABLE Carnival Animals. The gallery section has some great creations as well, and I see some friends like Izabella and Wanda Eash! Lisa has included a ton of clip art to use and create your own little circus.

I think a Circus Crafting day will be in order soon. "Shakes the Clown"will be on the DVD player and some microwave kettle corn will be popping!

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Dawno said...

I heartily agree about the process of getting pieces up on the web - if you get a contact in the union of web fairy godmothers, I hope you'll share it :-)

And what a wonderful book, thank you for the review!