Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rivet Rivet

Riveting is something that took me a bit to 'get' but now I love it. The thing I don't like is always having to search for what drill bit to use for what gauge wire. I tend to buy the mixed lots of drill bits from Rio Grande or other jewelrymaking sites to make sure I always have one on hand that will work. To be precise you should use a Brown & Sharp wire gauge to measure both the wire and bit. If you don't have a gauge, you should get one because it will make your life ALOT easier when doing this.

In the mean time, here's a general list of drill bit sizes to wire gauge equivalent. I have seen some variations in sizes, so measuring first is best.

Wire - Size - Drill bit Number
10 g - 2.588mm - #38 drill bit
12 g - 2.05 mm-#46 drill bit
14g - 1.63 mm -#52 drill bit
16g - 1.29 mm -# 54 drill bit
18g - 1.02 mm -#59 drill bit
20g - 0.813 mm -#65 drill bit (sometimes I use #67 too)
22g - 0.643mm -#71 drill bit
24g - 0.511 mm -#75 drill bit

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Cindy Gimbrone said...

What a wonderful help this is! Thanks for posting it, Barbe!