Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday's Child is Is bonny and blithe

and good and gay. But she isn't feeling it today! The time change always messes with me. I love getting that 'extra hour' of sleep in the fall, but hate losing it in the spring. I wish they just adjust the time by 1/2 hour and leave it that way for good!

Yesterday I want to a local bead shop to find some jonquil AB crystals I needed for a necklace. I've been meaning to order some online but kept putting it it at the bottom of my to do list, and decided I just wanted get them TODAY. I prefer to not go to this particular store because they are REALLY overpriced but it's close to my apt so I went. Sadly, they only had really small crystals 5mm and 6mm but since I was there I got them. I prefer to buy that kind of thing online rather than pay 65c per crystal but I wanted to finish a necklace so I paid. I also got 2 way overpriced rhinestone beads. $1.65 PER rhinestone bead is highway robbery-and those weren't swarovksi rhinestones either.....sigh. Just a reminder to make a list and order ONLINE more often so I don't have to worrry about this sort of thing in the future.

Today was a busy day of recreating something I made recently. I didn't realize I was completely OUT of 20g sterling wire until I needed it. I have some on order but it probably won't be here until Weds or so and I got really bummed out. I started digging the the scrap wire box just in case a piece got thrown in there rather then the drawer with the silver. Luck was with me today, I found ONE piece in exactly the length I needed-thank you universe! So I'm able to complete my project tomorrow instead of having to wait another 2 days.

I need a break from that so I'm going to resize some photo's before I call it a night. Then I'll crawl into bed with the laptop and do my bead bloggers reading!

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