Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do You YUDU???

Yudu image courtesy of Provo Craft.

A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful people at Provo Craft sent me a Yudu to try out and create with. I have a Gocco as well and was looking forward to comparing the Yudu to the Gocco. Sadly I was bedridden with the evil flu when it arrived and couldn't test drive it then. I've been hurridly trying to catch up on everything I was behind since being sick, so I could break it out and play with it.

That day was finally yesterday & today! Yesterday, I pulled it out of the box and read through the booklet. The bulbs are already installed, all you basically need to do is attach the powercord and put the lid on it. The thing that took me the longest was the 3 hours I spent making art for a screen to burn! Note to self, have artwork ready when you want to burn a screen.

Okay, time to start keeping score for my Yudu vs Gocco review. After my design work was FINALLY done, I was ready to put the emulsion sheet on the screen. The screens are HUGE, such a plus!! The Yudu screen is at least 4 times larger than Gocco's screen. Score: Yudu-4, Gocco-0 on that factor.

My friend Margot,The Impatient Crafter has this fun and instructional Yudu-how to video, she just did. I just popped myself down in front of the computer after reading the booklet and watched her to make sure I didn't burn the screen on the wrong side or mess it up somehow.

I made sure not to get the screen too wet=which is key in it drying in a reasonable time. I couldn't find a spray bottle, so I just used a damp cloth. A spray bottle would be alot better, mine was still a bit too wet-but you sometimes you have to improvise. Applying the emulsion sheet was easy, and it took mine about 18 mins or so to dry. Burning the screen was easy too-pop it in, set the timer for 8 mins and its done. This is longer than Gocco's instant "press and burn" screen (1 point), but the cost of Gocco screens & bulbs far outweigh the price of Yudu's emulsion screens (2 points for Yudu).

So the score is now: Yudu-6, Gocco-1. After a quick rinse in the sink to clean the screen, I was ready to start printing!

This is the screen, primed with ink....now where was that pile of shirts I had set aside?? I looked in my closet-dang me for doing a big Goodwill purge 3 weeks ago-I put that bag in there too by mistake. No worries, I took one that I love and grabbed some fabric to print on as well. I created an image to put onto shirts and bags. Another point to Yudu for being able to print directly onto a shirt or back, unlike Gocco. Score: Yudu-7, Gocco-2

So I put the shirt on the platen (shirt form) and pulled the ink.

It's really smooth and easy. The platen has a tacky top to hold it on securely, no need to tape it down like with regular screenprinting set up.

Voila! Pretty t-shirt!!! I love the way it looks on the scoopneck. I'm waiting until the temp drops in my loft before I iron to heat set the ink. I'm too hot to want to do anything involving heat today. This wrinkled bit of fabric will soon be a fun totebag for some lucky jewelry buyer!

So, the winner hands down is the Yudu. I love the Gocco for doing small things like cards, or small paper artwork. It was workable on fabric, but the screen size really limited what you could do with it. The Yudu has a large enough screen and work area to really let your creativity flow. Having one or 2 screens to store is preferable to lots of littles that I may never use again. It's super easy for someone with no screenprinting experience and really useful. I have some projects I'll want to do with this and am thinking of lots of others! I want to work on my multi-color prints, and do some fun clothing items. If you are thinking about getting one, you won't be sorry. I'd love to see what "yudu" too!

Next time I burn a somewhat smallish image, I'll put 2 on the screen, so as not to waste 1/2 my emulsion sheet. You could cut it in half, but I if you are going to print a transparency, you might as well fill that up too! Also getting a dedicated squirt bottle for the screen is a must for me. Hindsight is always 20-20.


it's me ...Twinkie Chan! said...

thanks for posting this! i keep seeing yudu and i always wonder how everyone feels about it.

Erin Bassett said...

Great shirt! I got a Yudu to test drive too & think it's great too. FYI, you can cram a bunch of designs on one screen & tape off the ones you don't want to use OR you can cut up your emulsion to fit your design so you don't waste so much of it. HTH!

Happy Yuduing!!

Nicole said...

Great post! I WANT one!

Margot Potter said...

Ms. Barbe

Brilliant! I love your shirt design! I need a Saints and Sinners shirt...I'll trade you for a Little Black Sheep shirt! Thank you so much for the Linky Love, I'll be sending it back this week.

Ms. Margot

lisavollrath said...

Oh, cool. I think I need a YUDU, too---and I definitely need a Saints and Sinners t-shirt!

Anonymous said...


CatHerder said...

i saw that on the fyiljc blog a few weeks ago...it is AMAZING looking...i want one!...ps..great shirts...you should put some in your shop!